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Cultivating Resilience in the Workplace

In today’s world, turbulence is the new normal. With an ever-changing corporate landscape, it is even more important to have your finger on the pulse of your organisation, because certain factors might be putting your business at risk.


The ‘do more with less’ mentality and coping with constant change can take its toll on your people. The HC RiskMonitor©, can help you monitor your organisation to better understand how your teams are ‘holding up’ in today's business environment and help you recognise problem areas before they become a real business risk.


It is often your most highly motivated and passionate employees who are most at risk during times of stress, causing them to be less productive, leading to lower quality work and lower performance overall. Talented individuals may leave your organisation without you knowing why. In the same way you work towards identifying and minimising your other organisational risks, your people-related risks need to be monitored and controlled in order to maintain your high performance culture. The HC RiskMonitor© helps you identify early warning signs and find the balance between a healthy resilient organisation and one at risk.


Resiliency means being able to adapt and recover when things do not work out as planned. A resilient person does not dwell on disappointments or failures. A resilient person recognises that situations often do not work out as expected, learns from mistakes, and moves beyond the setback to find a solution.

If you want to maximise resilience for your workforce, you must pinpoint the areas of the

overall work experience that need improving.


How can we help? To improve corporate culture and cultivating resilince, we work to:


·         Monitor the Risk

·         Measure the Risk

·         Manage the Risk

·         Minimize the Risk


We can help you pinpoint the areas in which your HC (Human Capital) might be at risk, and guide you through a process that will enable you to create an environment that drives performance, reduces your HC risk and promotes long-term performance - taking a preventive rather than reactive approach.


To view our HC RiskMonitor© brochure, please click here.

To view our HC RiskMonitor© brochure, please click here.

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