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Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching is about enabling successful people to lead more effectively through long-term change in leadership behaviour by using a method of coaching that offers measurable leadership growth and behaviour change. We offer the following coaching opportunities:


  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching

  • 1:1 Career Development Coaching

  • Resilience Coaching

  • Facing-Change Coaching

  • Burnout Recover Coaching


We focus on behavior change, follow-through, and continuous change. Our Methodology includes:


  • Actual behavior change on the job - Disciplined implementation of leadership change accelerates leadership growth and enables leaders to achieve positive and measureable change in leadership behavior.

  • Follow-through to measure results - Organisations spend a majority of executive development resources on learning but do not follow-through to measure how actual leadership growth has been realised, as perceived by stakeholders.

  • Continuous change process - Coaching is not a 'one-off' project. Coaching is the single most important leadership skill to drive change in the organisation thus creating a system for continuous improvement for themselves and their teams.


The process for coaching teams or individuals includes:


  • Select 1 to 2 leadership growth areas in consultation with the team or the individual

  • Selection of measurement method for chosen leadership growth areas

  • Get feedback suggestions from stakeholders of the team or individual

  • Implement an action plan and check progress with stakeholders along the way

  • Make changes visible - Perception is everything in positively changing leadership behaviour

  • Measuring the improvement - Progress review and report on positive change in behaviour


To view our Coaching Brochure, please click here.

To view our Coaching Brochure, please click here.

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