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Partners and Associates


Barbara Wright-Avlitis
M.Sc. cum laude in Global Human Resources

Managing Partner


Specialising in selection and development of senior leaders for global companies as well as supporting Leadership Resilience and creating Burnout-Free corporate environments is what Barbara Wright-Avlitis is best known for today. She is a respected Learning and Leadership Development professional who has influenced business leaders in more than 32 countries, over the past 30 years, to strengthen their personal, team and organisational effectiveness through strategic learning.


She worked for 20 years with 3M Company, in the U.S., Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and Asia where she progressed throughout the organisation in sales, sales learning and organizational needs assessment.  Her experience also includes serving as General Manager of HR and Global Head of Leadership Development, as well as Global Head of Leadership and Change for a few years short of a decade with ING Group (Banking and Insurance) in Amsterdam. This role extended globally.  For the most recent 2-1/2 years, Barbara was the Global Head of Leadership Development for Novartis Pharmaceuticals out of Basel, Switzerland. 


Recently, she left Novartis to devote her full-time career to helping organisations build pro-resilient companies. The principle is that healthy and satisfied employees are more creative and productive when the company makes an effort to build a healthy work environment. That includes bringing leadership behaviors in line with sustaining a pro-resilient workplace. She is working on two new books, lectures around the world on the topic of Organisational Resilience and is consulting with select global organisations on Leadership topics.


Barbara brings to her keynote presentations an extensive experience in organisational change and leadership transformation on a global scale. Her long experience working with diverse cultures throughout the world, with an emphasis on global integration through learning and development, makes her international presentations informative, relevant and entertaining.

Our Global Network

We partner with professional facilitators, coaches, subject matter experts and consultants around the world to offer you the best experts for your unique corporate culture.  Our partners have three things in common: 


  • They have all worked for 10+ years in senior roles at multi-national organisations, before becoming consultants. They know business, not just HR. 

  • They all have advanced degrees in business psychology, organisational development, business administration, human resources and other fields that lend academic credibility to their experience.

  • They all have a passion for cultivating the right leaders and the right working environment. 


We asked our partners to join us, because they are creative, hard-working, great communicators and sincere people who want to make a difference in the business world. 


Our team of experts support every region in the world from their locations in: 


  • Zurich

  • Seattle

  • Amsterdam

  • Brussels

  • Marbella

  • Singapore

  • Dubai

  • Athens


Our cross-cultural experience makes us the ideal team for working with multi-national companies and diverse teams. 

Elizabeth Watson-Work B.S. cum laude in Business & Management


After 22 years in senior client-facing roles for Financial Services organisations, Liz is our Client Whisperer. She leads the back-office for the team and client support. She is also our quality control expert who ensures the accuracy of our coaching and resilience online tools.  If it's research you seek, Liz will find it.  If it's a specialist in a specific area of business she is on the trail. 


Liz is GE trained in the fundamentals of excellence in client services and project management but she is also an experienced and highly professional facilitator. Her strong background in Financial Services is well-received by teams working in banks, insurance companies and in similar fields because she not only knows about how to build a resilient team theory, she also knows what they do all day. Likewise, her extensive multi-national corporatioin experience brings not only person knowledge about her subject matter but she understands about navigating the matrix in large corporations. She communicates the principles of resilience in a way that is believable because she has lived in the corporate world her entire adult life.  In other words, she easily gets 'buy in' from clients and the participants in our programs because she has walked in their shoes.


In addition to her client-facing responsibilities, Liz also delivers: 

  • Metrics around the HC RiskMonitor results.

  • "Brief call" 1:1 explanation with individuals about the results of their personal HC  RiskMonitor.

  • The Resilience Awareness presentation for team meetings, offsites and conferences.

  • Project management for HC RiskMonitor projects.

  • Senior leader assessment/selection tools.


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