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Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide a new perspective on how organisations can achieve high-performance by cultivating a corporate culture that sustains their most valuable asset-- Human Capital.  Our mission is to drive awareness, throughout the business world, about the benefits of developing a Pro-Resilient corporate culture and providing the tools to mitigate the ever-increasing risk of employee burnout.   

Areas of Practice

At theWrightWorkPlace, we are committed to providing organisations with the measurement & development tools necessary to cultivate resilience in the workplace and build a high-performance culture. Click on each individual chalkboard to learn more information about our specific areas of practice.

Organisational Resilience


A resilient team can cope with change, complications, hindrances, lofty goals, demands, and pressure while maintaining a good work ethic and positive attitude without negative consequences.


We can help you build a high-performance organisation by creating the 'right' corporate environment.

Mitigating Burnout Risk


Executive burnout is a very real threat faced by many organisations. Burnout can have costly negative effects and contribute to lack of retention of top talent, poor customer service, more accidents & mistakes, damaged reputation and image, and overall diminished organisational performance.


We can help reduce your risk for Burnout using our HC RiskMonitor© process.

Assessing & Developing Resilient Leaders


We identify, evaluate, and develop leaders to better ensure you select and promote those who are best suited to foster resilience in their teams. We use innovative assessment techniques, to evaluate the individual leader's personal resilience as well as to measure their team's overall resilience. We identify leadership behaviours that promote resilience in the team and those behaviours that might be creating risk to organisational resilience. 

Individual & Team Coaching


Enabling successful people to lead more effectively through a method of coaching that offers measurable leadership growth and positive behaviour change.


We focus on practical behaviour change that is recognised and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace. When it comes to resilient leadership behaviour, perception is reality.

Behaviour & Culture Change


Affecting change that will lead to a more resilient organisation is a difficult but manageable challenge facing organisations and individuals alike in today's high-pressure business world. 

Our culture change methods can make the process more logical and measurable while encouraging stakeholders to 'be' the change instead of 'make' the change, thus avoiding 'change fatigue'.

Keynote Speeches & Offsites


Our passion is to 'get the word' out about the positive benefits of creating a pro-resilient workplace and raise awareness of the detrimental effects of burnout on companies as well as on society. One way we do that is by presenting the case for resilience at conferences around the world and at team off-sites and leadership meetings. Once leaders see the advantages and feel the need to change, action is usually right behind. 

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